Arch Specific Notes — x86

Originally it was assumed that all developers had access to x86 hardware, so there was no arch team created for x86. This is no longer the case, and x86 is to be treated like any other arch with regards to moving a package to stable.

If you want your application to be moved to stable on x86, please contact the x86 team. If your package requires specific hardware, or a specific non-trivial setup to test, then we will probably allow you to mark it stable, unless someone on the team can test it.

x86 Team Guidelines

The following is a list of rules and expectations for members of the x86 team:

  • Assist/resolve 4 bugs a month that are assigned to the team
  • Be present in our IRC channel, #gentoo-x86/
  • If you need one of your packages stable, file a bug to the team. You are not exempt from the same rules everyone else must follow.
  • Take part in discussions on bugs or the alias when team members ask for input

Contacting the x86 Team

The x86 team can be contacted:

  • Via Bugzilla bugs assigned to x86@
  • Via email to the x86@ email alias
  • Via the #gentoo-x86 IRC channel on Libera.Chat