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This document is an ongoing work in progress. It contains gaps, inaccuracies, omissions, typos and the occasional outright lie. The intent is to make a handbook giving developers and users correct, detailed, up to date technical content.

Ciaran McCreesh, Grant Goodyear, Aaron Walker, Robert Coie, Tom Martin, Paul Varner, Ilya Volynets-Evenbakh, Diego Pettenò, Fernando J. Pereda, Simon Stelling, Alin Dobre, Joseph Jezak, Ursula Maplehurst, Mark Loeser, Petteri Räty, Ulrich Müller, Mike Pagano, Markus Meier, Markos Chandras, Xavier Neys, Daniel Robbins, Jeremy Olexa, Julian Ospald, Alexandre Rostovtsev, Göktürk Yüksek, Michael Orlitzky, Michał Górny, Brian Evans, Lucas Ramage, Mike Frysinger, Sam James

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