Function pkg_config
Purpose Run any special post-install configuration
Sandbox Disabled
Privilege root
Called for manual

Default pkg_config

pkg_config() {
	eerror "This ebuild does not have a config function."

Example pkg_config

Taken from the mysql ebuilds. Note the use of ${ROOT}.

pkg_config() {
	if [[ ! -d ${ROOT}/var/lib/mysql/mysql ]] ; then
		einfo "Press ENTER to create the mysql database and set proper"
		einfo "permissions on it, or Control-C to abort now..."
		einfo "Hmm, it appears as though you already have the mysql"
		einfo "database in place.  If you are having problems trying"
		einfo "to start mysqld, perhaps you need to manually run"
		einfo "/usr/bin/mysql_install_db and/or check your config"
		einfo "file(s) and/or database(s) and/or logfile(s)."