Message Functions Reference

The following functions, which are provided by, can be used for displaying informational messages.

Function Details
einfo Display an informational message.
einfon Display an informational message with no trailing newline.
elog Display an informational message, to be logged if logging is enabled.
ewarn Display a warning message.
eerror Display an error message.
ebegin Display the message for the start of an action block.
eend Display the end of an action block.

The following are available from eutils.eclass . ebeep and epause are deprecated in EAPIS 0, 1 and 2 in favor of GLEP 42 news items and package manager message logging functionality.

Function Details
epause Pause for the specified number (must be a positive integer) of seconds. Defaults to a sane value.
ebeep Beep the specified number (must be a positive integer) of times. Defaults to a sane value.
eqawarn Used by eclass authors to notify ebuild writers that they are using deprecated functionality.

See Messages for a detailed discussion.