Function pkg_nofetch
Purpose Tell the user how to deal with fetch-restricted packages
Sandbox Enabled
Privilege root
Called for ebuild

Default pkg_nofetch

    [ -z "${SRC_URI}" ] && return

    echo "!!! The following are listed in SRC_URI for ${PN}:"
    for MYFILE in `echo ${SRC_URI}`; do
        echo "!!!   $MYFILE"

Sample pkg_nofetch

pkg_nofetch() {
    einfo "Please download"
    einfo "  - ${P}-main.tar.bz2"
    einfo "  - ${P}-extras.tar.bz2"
    einfo "from ${HOMEPAGE} and place them in your DISTDIR directory."

Notes on pkg_nofetch

This function is only triggered for packages which have RESTRICT="fetch" (see Restricting Automatic Mirroring) set, and only if one or more components listed in SRC_URI are not already available in the distfiles directory.