Function pkg_postinst
Purpose Called after image is installed to ${ROOT}
Sandbox Disabled
Privilege root
Called for ebuild, binary

Default pkg_postinst

pkg_postinst() {

Sample pkg_postinst

pkg_postinst() {
		ewarn "You must restart fluxbox before using the [include] /directory/"
		ewarn "feature if you are upgrading from an older fluxbox!"
		ewarn " "
	elog "If you experience font problems, or if fluxbox takes a very"
	elog "long time to start up, please try the 'disablexmb' USE flag."
	elog "If that fails, please report bugs upstream."

Common pkg_postinst tasks

The most common use for pkg_postinst is to display post-install informational messages or warnings. If you want to display selective upgrade messages, you should do the call to has_version in an earlier phase, like pkg_preinst, and store the result in a global variable.