This page lists the contributions to the Gentoo Development Guide:

Ciaran McCreesh <>
Main Content
Grant Goodyear <>
Here Documents
Aaron Walker <>
Completion Files
Robert Coie <>
Configuring XEmacs for UTF-8
Tom Martin <>
Configuring GNU Emacs, Conflicting USE Flags
Paul Varner <>
RPM Sources
Ilya Volynets-Evenbakh <>
Diego Pettenò <>
Working with PAM, aclocal and m4 Files
Fernando J. Pereda <>
Arch Specific Notes — Alpha
Simon Stelling <>
Arch Specific Notes — AMD64/EM64T
Alin Dobre <>
echo — Print Strings
Joseph Jezak <>
Arch Specific Notes — PPC
Ursula Maplehurst <>
Previous maintainer (XSL Stylesheets, legacy Developer Handbook content)
Mark Loeser <>
XSL Stylesheets, previous maintainer
Petteri Räty <>
Ebuild Writing, Eclass Writing Guide, Dependencies, Misc
Ulrich Müller <>
Quickstart Ebuild Guide, Virtuals, Ebuild Writing, Ebuild Maintenance, Configuring GNU Emacs, Gentoo DevBook XML Guide, DTD, XSL stylesheet, eclass conversion
Mike Pagano <>
News Items
Markus Meier <>
Markos Chandras <>
Xavier Neys <>
GuideXML guide
Daniel Robbins <>
GuideXML guide
Jeremy Olexa <>
USE Flags
Julian Ospald <>
Common Mistakes, find — Finding Files
Alexandre Rostovtsev <>
Göktürk Yüksek <>
Projects, Variables, Package and Category metadata.xml, Eclass Writing Guide, Gentoo DevBook XML Guide, search functionality
Michael Orlitzky <>
Users and Groups, Eclass Writing Guide
Michał Górny <>
General Concepts, Ebuild Writing, EAPI 8, Ebuild Maintenance
Brian Evans <>
EAPI Usage and Description, Variables, Patching with epatch and eapply
Lucas Ramage <>
Search functionality
Mike Frysinger <>
Clean Patch Howto
Sam James <>
Eclass Writing Guide, Keywording and Stabilization